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HRA Brings a New, Better, and Unique Approach to Helping Healthcare Providers Collect What They are Owed!

Healthcare Recovery Advisors
Who We Are

HRA is an Austin-based company made up of C-level executives with over 70 years collective experience in the healthcare industry. We provide advisory services to physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies for the recovery of penalties and interest that are due to them from insurance companies under the Texas Prompt Pay Act [TPPA]. These amounts can be significant.

Under the HRA Business Model, HRA approaches solving the problems and recovering what is owed to its clients with a "business" approach. The TPPA provides what is almost a strict liability standard. We utilize our proprietary information technology and software expertise to find out what is owed through the generation of a Recovery Report. We then attempt to negotiate a settlement and go to arbitration, if necessary. This is not tort law involving complex discovery and liability theories--the personal injury law firms are not needed to resolve these contractual issues.

Our technology goes beyond encryption standards set by HIPAA and has necessary and proper firewalls for added protection. We have gone to great lengths in developing our Business Model to ensure HIPAA compliance.

What Is The Texas Prompt Pay Act

Insurance companies have historically made late payments and underpayments on a systematic basis to physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies who had no recourse to address these practices.

Also known as Senate Bill 418, the Act has been on the books since 2003 with an amendment in 2011 to include pharmacies to be "healthcare providers." Insurance companies have historically made late payments and underpayments to physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies who had no recourse to address these practices.

The Texas Prompt Pay Act [the "Act"] imposes penalties, interest and attorneys' fees on insurance companies who are guilty of late payments and underpayment to healthcare providers.

Healthcare Recovery Advisors
Timing is of the Essence!

Healthcare providers can go back 4 years to calculate the amount of money they can recover. Typically, the billing/collection department and third party biller collects the money that is due for physicians and hospitals. This is different!

What We Do
HRA's Approach is Unique

The entire HRA process is a new, better, and unique approach compared to the personal injury law firm approach which has predominated until now. Medical providers have a better choice today.

Under our model, WE, business people, NOT personal injury lawyers, work with the healthcare providers and do the data gathering and analysis necessary to produce our Recovery Report which is a calculation and presentation of what our experts believe is subject to recovery. We then attempt to settle the case--if it does not happen, we proceed to arbitration pursuant to the terms of the ACT.

Our model involves a reduction of legal costs allowing us to direct more of the recovery to you, the healthcare provider. This whole process is about enforcing contracts backed by a statute--not the usual subject matter for personal injury lawsuits.

Phase I - Data Collection and Forensic Analysis

We will provide the necessary workforce to collect data and records of healthcare providers and perform an analysis of the data. We do as much of the work as possible and minimize the amount of time required by healthcare providers and their staff.

Phase II - Preparation of Recovery Report

We will review all of the data gathered and through our analysis and work product, including the application of the provisions of the ACT, generate a Recovery Report for our clients which sets forth all of our findings and outlines in great detail what we have discovered as potential for recovery.

Phase III - The Recovery Process

We will work with our clients in deciding on the appropriate steps to pursue recovery. Options include negotiations and possible arbitration if negotiation fails or going directly to arbitration at the outset. We prefer to hire the lawyers and then work closely with them throughout the recovery process in view of the importance of the first two Phases to the recovery efforts which are critical to our success. We will maximize negotiation and settlement opportunities with our proactive research and quality work product facilitating productive discussions.

Healthcare Recovery Advisors
Why Choose Healthcare Recovery Advisors?
Why Pursue This?
Estimated potential financial recovery is significant:
Physicians: $100,000 to $250,000 per physician.
Hospitals: $50,000 to $75,000 per hospital bed.
Very little of your staff time necessary!
We can help expedite the process.
Four Year Statute of Limitations is running!
We can go back four years to capture penalties and interest owed.
No cost to you!
We pay for all the expenses--legal, data analysis, information technology, etc.
Precedents are being set:
There already have been a number of successful cases.
"Each Day that Passes is a Day of Recovery Lost."
Healthcare Recovery Advisors

Here are a couple of excerpts from one such personal injury attorney's website who is seeking to work with Healthcare Providers on Texas Prompt Pay Act claims for them!

Regarding Physician Negligence:
"The millions of surgeries and clinical tests that take place daily can lead to a single, devastating instance of physician negligence. The result may be a severe injury or even a death that was foreseeable and preventable. Unfortunately, many forms of physician negligence happen far more often than most people realize."

Regarding Hospital Negligence:
"Hospitals can be among the most caring and complex workplaces imaginable. They may also be among the most dangerous. Hospital negligence can occur when an employee – such as a nurse, pharmacist or medical technician – acts incompletely or improperly. The result may be a patient injury, a clinical complication, or even a life-threatening condition."

Remember, this is not tort law—this is contract law.

Who you choose to help you recover under the Texas Prompt Pay Act MATTERS!

Healthcare Recovery Advisors ["HRA"] in Austin, Texas is the better alternative--not only will a better economic recovery be offered, but it is a less litigious approach designed to keep intact important relationships that Healthcare Providers have with their payors.

Healthcare Recovery Advisors
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